Thermal Print Heads (TPH)
TPH for Facsimile
HY/HA Series
Assembly and LSI technology from Mitsubishi Electric Corporation. Contribution to compact design, smallest HA series TPH for FAX in the World. De facto standard HA/HY series for FAX, W/W share No.1. Corrosion resistant, anti-interference, high durability, specially used in Sailing, Security, National Defense etc.
Family, Office, various kinds of FAX in special occasions.
HY208-FD HA216-FD2
Resolution (dpi) 203 203
Printing Width (mm) *1 216 216
Number of dots (dots) 1728 1728
Resistance (Ω) 5000±3% 3000±3%
Platen Roller size (MaxΦ) 12 12
Printing Speed (mm/s) 12.5 12.5
Clock Speed (Max MHz) 5 5
Logic (V) 3.3V - 5V 3.3V - 5V
Head voltage (V) 24V 24V
Run length (km) 30 30
Pulse activation (Pulses) 1x108 1x108
Heatsink *4 Steel Aluminum
Interface *5 Connector Connector

*1 Design technology from Mitsubishi, customized design with any printing width at lower cost.

*4 Customized head support according to customers.

  • Material-Aluminum, Steel, Stainless, Plastic.
  • Process-Extrude, Die Cast, Injection, Press.

*5 Various solution for customers.

  • Connector.
  • FFC direct soldering.
  • FPC direct soldering.


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