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Wide Scanning CIS
Customized scanning width, resolution, LED light unit (internal or external) and data output (e.g. camera link) depends on your own needs.
High precision of our CIS is widely applied to surface inspection in various industries such as printing, film, converters of electric components, textile, and food industry.
  Basic spec of PY / PL Series Customization
Scanning width Resolution 310mm 650mm 940mm 1500mm 18mm~1960mm~
Scanning width 300dpi 600dpi 50dpi,100dpi,200dpi,300dpi,
600dpi,1200dpi (optional)
Line speed Monochrome: 19.2μs/line 32.7μs/line
Color: 57.7μs/line 98.2μs/line
Scanning speed
(8-bit, full output)
Monochrome: 4.39m/s
Color: 4.39m/s
Clock Frequency 16MHz  
Inner light source Red, Green, Blue (or without light source) External HLU series
Output format Camera link (or analog) GigE, USB3.0 in developing
Focus position 9.1mm*PY / 14.8mm*PL (from glass surface) 0mm~20mm
Glass thickness 1.8mm Special glass
Dimension (L*W*Hmm) 361*72*63 746*76*107 1026*76*107 1576*76*107 Customized shape
Product weight 0.6kg 3.3kg 4.6kg 4.6kg  
System solution support Other technical services can be supported.

For full output camera link (1IC/1Output): 1658mm:BASE x 2pcs, 2940mm:BASE x 3pcs, 31500mm:BASE x 5pcs.

Application Examples of Large format CIS
Large format CIS is based on a technology we have developed and offered for high-precision inspection and detection. It supports reading widths of 800mm of greater and applied in electronic components, large-scale prints, apparel, and agriculture and food markets.
* We are also able to apply the technology to other fields according to your needs.
Electronic components
Soldering and fault detection on printed circuit boards (PCBs)
Large-scale prints
Detection of fine printing defects, such as cracks, stain, fading, and protrusion,
and high-precision measurement of errors in direction, position, angle, and dimensions of given locations.
Detection of thread breakage and color defects in weaving with an automatic loom,
including reading of cloth patterns, form, and cutting dies
Agriculture and food
Detection of features such as size, form, bruises, scratches, color, and foreign matter
* We are also able to apply the technology to other fields according to your needs.


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