TPH with High Voltage (12V) for Receipt Printers

TPH with High Voltage (12V) for Receipt Printers

K Series


Most appropriate design for 100-180mm/s with good printing quality and energy saving effect.
Convenient power design.


Lottery, Medical, middle speed POS with power supplied by car or computer.

Model K16 K48 K56 K80 KX80
Resolution (dpi) 200
Printing Width (mm) *1 16 48 56 80 80
Number of dots (dots) 128 384 448 640 640
Resistance (Ω) 300
Platen Roller size (MaxΦ) 17
Printing Speed (mm/s) 125
Clock Speed (Max MHz) 5MHz
Logic (V) 3.3V - 5V
Head voltage (V) 12V
Run length (km) 100 150
Pulse activation (Pulses) 1x108
Heatsink *4 Aluminum
Interface *5 15 pin Connector
  • *1 Design technology from Mitsubishi, customized design with any printing width at lower cost.
  • *4 Customized head support according to customers.
    Material-Aluminum, Steel, Stainless, Plastic.
    Process-Extrude, Die Cast, Injection, Press.
  • *5 Various solution for customers.
    FFC direct soldering.
    FPC direct soldering.

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