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Our Business

SHEC and WHEC are China-Japan Joint Venture Companies to design and manufacture Thermal Print Heads (TPH) & Contact Image Sensors (CIS). As key components for many types of printers and scanners, high quality and reliable products are essential for the performance of the final assembly product.
Having research institutes in both China and Japan, each of these has superior R&D capability for TPH/CIS. SHEC and WHEC are able to supply custom-made TPH, as well as Black & White and Full Color high speed, high-density CIS. The majority of TPH/CIS products made by SHEC and WHEC are exported to overseas markets.

Along with Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, ITOCHU Corporation is another key shareholder, supporting the role of global sales and logistics. ITOCHU Corporation is the sales force of SHEC and WHEC with design-in capability. With extensive global reach through it’s network, ITOCHU is able to fulfill the needs of it’s customers with the engineering resource at SHEC and WHEC. Furthermore, our experienced regional sales network are fully able to support customers.

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